Now this idea was a collaboration of me and my friend ArrissotTheGreat. It would be like the spy mission NOW where you have to collect the data, but a WHOLE lot stealthier. That is if you want to be.

So the premise for the idea would be that if spawn in as a regular troop for the certain faction (this cannot be done for infested but then again I don't think there are any infested spy missions to begin with) with a peice of you warframe cloaked on your body (lke part of the helmet, you'll probably understand here soon). Now you can walk around un-noticed, just like any other NPC, but you also have a knife and can stealth attack them and drag the body away, then pose as that NPC. But if you do anything suspicious you will either be put away as a hostage, or if you put that peice of your warframe (helmet peice) on the cooresponding area of said helmet peice, your warframe starts to form around you. Then the alarm sounds (no duh) and the mission progresses as if it was a regular spy mission.

Tell me what you think! I know it wasn't explained that well, didn't really know to without sounding sorta (i guess) stupid? I hope it didn't seem so. Leave what you of it and/or any tweaks to the idea! Would be cool to hear all the ideas out there!

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