Think about this. If you could create any Warframe, any size, shape, color etc, with any 4 abilities what would it be? Would it be a time lord? A water based? Maybe even a chocolate based frame? My little idea for one would be:

Name: Kekka

Base Shields: 150 Base Health: 150 Base Armor: 90 Run speed: 1.0

First ability: Kekka throws a small disc of light at a target that explodes on impact, any enemies within the targets immediate area will also explode dealing 750 points of blast damage at max rank.

Second Ability: Kekka Summons a armor of light, blinding all enemies within his immediate area and forming a 'second skin' made of light, colored by the Warframes energy color, onto himself, that can soak up to 1,500 points of damage at max rank.

Third ability: Kekka summons a shield of light directly in front of him blocking all incoming damage on the shield, can be shot out of.

Fourth ability (Ultimate): Kekka summons a mass of light blinding all enemies within 5m, forcing them to drop their weapons and switch to melee, will be stunned and miss many hits for 10 seconds.

That was my little idea. Tell me yours! There's bound to be some good ideas out there!

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