Ok so i have been using the sancti tigris for about two weeks now and let me tell you i despise the shotguns in warframe with a passion but this one was different i picked it up because i liked the look and wanted to try something other than the strun wraith or boar prime sitting in my invetory. right off the bat i ran a T1 survival with a couple of friends and e ended up going around 35 minuts only needing one capsule becuse the innate corrosive prok kept going off what seemed like every 5 seconds killing everything in the room with us. its suposed to only do 250 damage when it goes off but ive even noticed evything short of bombard dying whn it goes off in higher teir missions as well and evern then i cand then one shot the bombards or whatever equivilent with a melee attack right after. i have used a few of the shotguns in game and have had ok to negligable experience and enjoyment from them the way i have this onebut i want the oppinion of all the tenno out there i think it is the most op shotgun in game with the only real turnoff being the duplex auto with a clip size of 2 

Ok so after reading some of the more recent comments i appreciate the feed back and ask the comunity to remember that i only recenty gave shotguns a second chance so the feedback on the guns is appreciated but the direct insults to me or any other player in a similar boat to me is unnessisary and uncalled for if your going to do something like that keep it out of the open disscussins you can message other people on here privatly for a reason unles you just feel like telling the whol comunity that your a dick then by all means keep it up

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