Recently, I was wandering around on the wiki's mod section, and a few of them caught my eye.(This was mostly because I had never seen the name before) I went onto the pages, and noticed that quite a few of them were only available through Nightmare Mode missions. So I thought to myself: "Alright, simple enough, right?" Oh, how wrong I was. The easiest planet I had completed was Venus, and one of the Nightmare missions was on Vesper, a spy mission. I grabbed all of my best gear, not expecting much of a challenge though, and headed off to what turned out to be death. (My best gear meaning Frost Prime with 990 health/shield and 270 armor along with max level Despair and Ogris) When I entered the level, everything was quite, as usual. This time, I had a time limit. I started off towards the checkpoint on my minimap, when I came across a shockwave MOA, easily dealt with, it hit for only about 60 shield. I continued on my way until I encountered an elevator with a single normal MOA in front of it. Thinking it would be an even easier challenge, I stepped out of cover and started flinging out my kunais. Strangely, this MOA took about three times as many to kill, and hit me for almost 200 shield. At that point, I was somewhat confused, thinking maybe it was just because I had stepped out into the open. Later in the mission, I was met by a group of three normal MOAs. They noticed me, and began shooting. Running for cover, I took about 700 damage to my shields. I knew then that something wasn't right. These MOAs were in the 30s levels, and other ones on places like Europa are easier to kill. So what's up with that? I actually ended up losing every last one of my revives trying to get a mod. I find that a little ridiculous. In update 10, I went on Nightmare Mode missions all the time, and it was just as easy as every other level. I would consider myself a mid-game player, so what about all of the noobs then? I know Nightmare mode was invented for the people who had beaten every level in the game about a hundred times over, but why did they have to make enimies on Venus like ones you'd find on Ceres or Eris? Maybe my weapon and warframe choices suck against Corpus? Just kinda wanted to put this out there, I don't know if any feels the same. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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