• Shingomi

    First of all, i apologize for my english and i hope you'll understand what i try to mean ;)

    With the release of update 13.7, the new T4 missions bring with them Captain Vor and a new possibility to obtain Ciceron mods. I'm a little bit dissapointed these mods are now very easy to obtain. In my mind, they were event-linked mods which are exclusive to people who did the Ciceron event. I can understand the fact that people who didn't obtain these mods complain because they are very OP. But i complain about the fact these mods are now more easy to farm than nightmare mods (Vor spawn very often and the drop rate for Ciceron Mods is 100%). It's a little bit annoying because i have the feeling we did the event for nothing (except for the others re…

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