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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is Author/Carpenter
  • Shonoun

    So, I'm here to start a discussion about the Synoid Gammacor. If you don't know already (though you should), the Synoid is a ridiculously over-powered sidearm that absolutely demolishes everything and is actually more ammo efficient and can last longer than both the Boltor Prime and Soma Prime in T4S/D. It is definetley by far the best weapon in the game. Now, this has caused quite a stir in the community: Should this weapon be nerfed? Why or why not? Lots of people have different opinions on this, and I'm sure that if you've ever used it, you'd fall in love with it instantly. The only real things that balance this weapon out: The fact that it takes a very long time to obtain, the fact that it has a short range (25m, or half of Mesa's Peacemaker ran…

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  • Shonoun

    So, I'm here to talk about something that I've been pondering over for the past hour or so. I was checking out my profile, specifically the Equipment and Stats pages, when I noticed something that caught my attention: 

    Stratos Emblems: 3

    They actually count how many Stratos Emblems you've collected. You may be thinking: How could that be imporant? Well, in case you haven't noticed, the only event-related things that are counted in the stats page are ones with rewards. What could this mean? There may be a reward equal to how many Stratos Emblems you've collected at the end of this Stratos thingy. Note that this is just a theory, if this has been confirmed false in a devstream or something, someone please inform me. But I was just thinking about …

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  • Shonoun

    All right, for those of you wondering, this is a guide on getting the Stalker to spawn on you for hunts and whatever. This may not make him drop the Despair because that's imposabor, but at least you can get your 150th Dread blueprint. 


    It's actually quite simple: You do the usual stuff; get a full group with everyone marked (You can check this by going into the ESC menu and clicking 'Show Profile' under their name), but there's a bit more to that, the goal here is to get your group's conclave rating as low as possible. This might sound a little strange at first, but think about it: How many times has the Stalker attacked you when you were leveling your whorabowl gear for Mastery, or when you were playing with lvl 2 noobs? For me (And I …

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  • Shonoun

    If I had to pick the most broken mechanic in the game, I wouldn't pick Archwings. I'd pick the Stalker. Here's why:

    Drop rates: I've killed him ~9 times. I've gotten 6 Dread blueprints. Nothing else. Once, I actually killed him in a single shot with my Paris Prime, but guess what he dropped. Uncommon mod, resources.

    Spawn rates and circumstances: At this very moment, I have 6 of the Stalker's death marks. It's been a month since his most recent attack and the one before that, I just got attacked about 10 minutes before this blog was created. I did about 20 missions today, most of them were with a full pod. Now here's his most recent attack: I was doing a low-level Syndicate mission, using lvl 15-20 gear (Mesa, Latron Prime, Hikou Prime, Karys…

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