All right, for those of you wondering, this is a guide on getting the Stalker to spawn on you for hunts and whatever. This may not make him drop the Despair because that's imposabor, but at least you can get your 150th Dread blueprint. 


It's actually quite simple: You do the usual stuff; get a full group with everyone marked (You can check this by going into the ESC menu and clicking 'Show Profile' under their name), but there's a bit more to that, the goal here is to get your group's conclave rating as low as possible. This might sound a little strange at first, but think about it: How many times has the Stalker attacked you when you were leveling your whorabowl gear for Mastery, or when you were playing with lvl 2 noobs? For me (And I know for a lot of others, too) that count equals to about 13. The easiest way to achive a low conclave is to:

1. Unequip either your primary or seconday, or maybe even melee if you're fine with it. Going with 1 weapon isn't exactly recommended, but if you have ammo transmutation for that weapon (or it's very ammo efficient), you can probably do just fine as long as it has enough stopping power to kill the Stalker.

2. Unequip your companion. THIS IS CRUCIAL. For a lot of people, their companions equal to about 200 in conclave rating. This adds up to a lot.

3. Test out all your weapons and frames, see which ones have the lowest conclave. These are usually the unpotatoed lower level weapons.

It doesn't really matter which frame you use, the Stalker'll usually just 1-2 shot you and dispel everything anyways, although high health/shields/armour is a good idea.

Now that you have your group of well-educated and low conclave players, you need to pick a good spot to farm. There are a few that I personally like because they're easy, but you can really choose whichever of the following:


Yep. That's it. Why Survivals? Well, there's a Stalker mechanic where he will actually only spawn within 5 minutes of the objective being assigned, so Survivals act as the perfect timer. Get to 5 minutes, get out. 

My recommended areas are any survival on Saturn, they're quite a low lvl for easy runs and easy Stalker kills, and Grineer are easier to fight than Corpus IMO. But that's just me.

And that's pretty much it! Low conclave, survival missions. Using everything mentioned above, I got 4 Stalker kills in a single day, which is also the day this blog was made. And I got 2 more Dread blueprints to add to my ever-expanding collection. Hope you enjoyed, happy hunting (And obtaining Dreads)!

If you guys have any more tips that you think I should include in this guide, please mention it in the comments. 

And by the way, this is a guide on how to SPAWN the Stalker, not how to KILL him. Killing him is easy, Paris Prime Crit Build + Mesa's 1-2 = 750k damage ezeepezee rip Stalker. 

PS: The low conclave rating is a theory that has always worked for me. I don't know about you guys, but when I do missions with pods of people, getting conclave to over 6k, I never see the Stalker. Then I do a few missions with 1k total conclave, and Stalker appears multiple times. That makes it feel like the conclave rating is influencing something. Even though this wiki states that the only thing affecting spawn rates are the amount of players with death marks, it may not always be right. It's possible.

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