So, I'm here to talk about something that I've been pondering over for the past hour or so. I was checking out my profile, specifically the Equipment and Stats pages, when I noticed something that caught my attention: 

Stratos Emblems: 3

They actually count how many Stratos Emblems you've collected. You may be thinking: How could that be imporant? Well, in case you haven't noticed, the only event-related things that are counted in the stats page are ones with rewards. What could this mean? There may be a reward equal to how many Stratos Emblems you've collected at the end of this Stratos thingy. Note that this is just a theory, if this has been confirmed false in a devstream or something, someone please inform me. But I was just thinking about this and it sounds a lot like it may actually happen if you think of all the events that have happened so far. Feels like something DE would do, just to make it worth doing all those extra missions. Fleet Footed may be the most bullshit I've ever been through, but hey, if I get like a Paris Vandal or some crap then I'd go ahead and do it. Just a thought, feel free to discuss below.

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