So, I'm here to start a discussion about the Synoid Gammacor. If you don't know already (though you should), the Synoid is a ridiculously over-powered sidearm that absolutely demolishes everything and is actually more ammo efficient and can last longer than both the Boltor Prime and Soma Prime in T4S/D. It is definetley by far the best weapon in the game. Now, this has caused quite a stir in the community: Should this weapon be nerfed? Why or why not? Lots of people have different opinions on this, and I'm sure that if you've ever used it, you'd fall in love with it instantly. The only real things that balance this weapon out: The fact that it takes a very long time to obtain, the fact that it has a short range (25m, or half of Mesa's Peacemaker range), and the fact that it really makes going with Suda a very nice option. Her weapon augments KINDA SUCK to be honest, and the key isn't all that useful, and her ability augments (Most of them, at least) can be obtained from other syndicates. The only real reason people should be crying over this weapon's strength is if they chose the other team of factions, as in RV, Loka, and Perrin. But still, as long as this weapon exists, the Suda/Arbiters/Meridian team will have lots more members. Even then, there will be people who complain about this weapon. While this weapon is very hard to obtain (Unless you are willing to spend tons of plat on it, or have Rhino/Trin/Excal), it is very much worth the grind. People will always be angry about how truly amazing this weapon is, and those people are really the only ones who think this should be nerfed because the weapons they get from their syndicates just don't compare. Well, sorry to point something out for you guys, but actually, the other syndicates of RV and Loka have valuable rewards of their own, including very useful keys, augments (Except for the Skana augment, seriously Loka, you drank a bit too much the day you made your augments), and other rewards. I left out Perrin because, well, there isn't really anything GREAT about them except for the Acrid augment. 

These are simply my opinions on the matter, feel free to discuss and rip apart my beautifully prepared blog in the comments.

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