If I had to pick the most broken mechanic in the game, I wouldn't pick Archwings. I'd pick the Stalker. Here's why:

Drop rates: I've killed him ~9 times. I've gotten 6 Dread blueprints. Nothing else. Once, I actually killed him in a single shot with my Paris Prime, but guess what he dropped. Uncommon mod, resources.

Spawn rates and circumstances: At this very moment, I have 6 of the Stalker's death marks. It's been a month since his most recent attack and the one before that, I just got attacked about 10 minutes before this blog was created. I did about 20 missions today, most of them were with a full pod. Now here's his most recent attack: I was doing a low-level Syndicate mission, using lvl 15-20 gear (Mesa, Latron Prime, Hikou Prime, Karyst), when my screen flashed red. I thought, 'Oh hey, is it New Loka, Red Veil, or Perrin Sequence?'. Second flash. Stalker. Whoopity doo. Cast my 1-3, getting ready. Go into an open room. Activate Peacemaker at the last second. Stalker spawns. Hit him once, dispel. He throws a single Despair, rip. This is one of the 6 attacks he's made while I've been handicapped, the worst attack yet was when I was doing a vault run with Bleeding AND I had the Artifact, with idiot teammates. Apparently they thought that melee was the best thing to do while he uses Absorb. RIP

Uh. Well. I made this blog thinking I'd have like 50 reasons, turns out I summed it all up in 2. Anyways, he's broken. Screw him to hell. He drops the one of the two decent secondaries, the other is the Lex Prime and HELL NO I'M NOT EVER FARMING THAT CRAP. I'm just gonna estimate the legit drop rates for the Stalker: 

Dread - 70.5%

Hate - 10%

Despair - 2.5%

Nothing or some random horrible mod and common resource - 17%

de pls nerf

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