Intro -

Hello and welcome everyone to my small part of the internet. Here I will be introducing anyone and hopefully everyone to the basic/advance(kinda) concepts and ideas behind Frost. I will be explaining abilities and of course how to play and build him. Here is a link to the wiki page if your interested in looking at actual numbers and raw stats because, I will not be doing any crazy number crunching and calculating to determine exact %'s and where he falls off throughout the game. The ONLY number crunching I will be doing is determing the most effective way to spec out Frost's snow globe which is his most important ability. Link(

Basics - 

Frost is primarly a supportive/defensive tank warframe that excels at keeping his team alive and holding key positions. Frost loves to just throw up his snowglobe sit inside and fuck bitches up. The most simple way to play him is keep a support/tank like mind set. He is not meant to run into the middle of a crowd of enemies and tank them all with just raw stats. He is meant to throw up a snow globe and hold a position allowing his globe to do all the tanking for him and his allies. Basically you are a mobile shiled for your allies that has some built in cc and some great raw tank stats.

Abilities -

1.) Freeze

  • 25 Energy
  • initial damage 150 / 225 / 275 / 350
  • area damage 50 / 100 / 125 / 150
  • Duration 5 / 7 / 12 / 12s
  • Range infinite

Affects -

  • Power strength does affect the damage done
  • Power Duration does affect it 
  • Causes Cold [1] Damage
  • While frozen enemies can not regen shields
  • 0.6 cast delay
  • May be cast on same enemy multiple times restarting timer

Description -

Exact definition: "A frigid energy blast that freezes targets in their tracks." Frost fires from the palm of his hand a legit laser beam of ice energy at where ever your targeting recticle is pointed. Now when I say laser I mean a fucking laser, it is extremly skinny and hard to hit enemies at a distance. Now this is where this ability falls off compared to the other 3, it is impossible to hit enemies at decent distances unless they are a boss or large in size(even though yes it has unlimited range good luck hitting that guy across the map)and can only affect one enemy per cast for 25energy a shot.

Final verdict this ability is ranked 4th(last) out of all the abilities.

2.) Ice Wave

  • 50 energy
  • Damage 300 / 445 / 565 / 700
  • Duration N/A
  • Range(length) 10 / 12 / 17 / 20 m
  • Range(width) 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 m

Affects -

  • Power stength does affect the damage done
  • Cold proc decreases enemy attack/movement speed 50% for 6s
  • Power range affects both width and length
  • Cast time 1s and cooldown of 1s

Description -

Exact definition "Sends a wave of razor sharp, crystalized ice toward an enemy, dealing heavy damage." Ice wave is a decent ability that can cause some nice cc however, its one major flaw is it only goes in a straight line in the direction you casted. Therefore, this ability is extremly situational and only good in situations where the enemy are advancing at you down a narrow hallway of somesort. It is definetly better than freeze however still does not come close to Frost's next two abilities.

Final verdict this ability is ranked 3rd out of all the abilities.

3.) Snow Globe

  • 50 energy
  • Base health 1500 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 (IMPORTANT 5x armor multiplier)
  • Slow 40% / 50% / 60% / 67%
  • Duration 30s
  • Invulnerable duration(right when you cast snow globe its not able to be damaged for a sort time, also any damage done to the globe during this time is added on to the total HP) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 s
  • Range 5 m

Affects -

  • Power stength does affect the snow globes HP
  • Power duration affects the globes duration but not the invulnerability one
  • Power range increases snow globe size
  • Area of effect will penetrate through as well as other forms of cc
  • Can be cast multiple times to "stack" snow globes
  • Will stop any projectiles from entering even friendly ones

Description -

Exact definition "Frost deep freezes any vapor and moisture in the area, creating a protective sphere with brief invulnerability to boost its strength." Snow globe is easily Frost's most important ability therefore, it will be of little shock that the majority of Frost builds are spec'd specificly to benefit it the most. However, many builds end up trying to abuse the corrupted mods that have positive affects and negative ones, but corrupted mods on Frost are purely and wholely negative no matter the positives. Frost loves all stats every single power stat possible is good on him therefore, the idea of dampering other stats to raise one is usually not worth it. I will even compare a very well known youtuber corrupted(slightly modified since it is over a year old) build to mine in a little bit and show you how little of a difference it makes. Also corrupted modes take vast amounts of credits and time to level while my build does not it takes maybe half the time probably less. Snow Globe generates a small sphere and frost is the center point where ever he is standing it will spawn outwards from that even in air or while moving. Do not I repeat do not under estimate or under sell this skill it is his key ability that makes him who he is.

Final verdict this ability is ranked 1st out of all the abilities.

4.) Avalanche 

  • 100 energy
  • Damage 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1500
  • Duration N/A
  • Range 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 m

Affects -

  • Power strenght does affect damage done
  • Power range affects distance that it can reach
  • Enemies closer are affected faster versus enemies farther away
  • Cast time of ~2.4s and cast delay of ~0.75s

Description -

Exact Definition "Summons a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes and shatters all enemies in it radius." Basically its a simple 4 to win. Click 4 all enemies within the radius are frozen for a second and take damage. Sadly the majority just take damage and are proc'd with cold and move on however, sometimes you get lucky and it will freeze the enemy in their place similar to his 1 ability. 

Final verdict this ability is ranked 2nd out of all the abilities.


Build 1(Requires one forma and if you can arcane Aurora helmet)  

This is the current build I'am running it is not fully spec'd and still needs a little more work however it is on track with the final build that is the goal as any frost player to reach. Link( as you can tell after viewing it I have yet to max out steel fiber and redirection however, this build is definetly the novice build that anyone can achieve(only problem some may have is getting forma and the arcane helmet is basically impossible to get unless you have plat for trading). No corrupt mods and all the mods are easy to aquire once you have logged some time and gotten to mid game content(except maybe the aura mod those are mostly earned from alerts so pray to your RNG jesus) Now then lets look at how much HP my snow globe is stacking up from this novice/begginer build: 6690.0 HP and if you do not beleive me here is a quick screen shot from warframe builder using the same build above Link(

Final Globe results

  • 35 power cost
  • 7.3m radius
  • 47.4 power duration
  • 67% slow
  • 6690.0 HP
  • 4s invulnerability

Build 2(Requires 1 forma and arcane Aurora helmet)

2.) This build is a bit more aggressive as in you lost some power efficeny for more globe hp however, we still have yet to hit any negatives besides one corrupt mod transient fortitude. Build Link( stacked on globe in this one: 8710.0 HP again if you still can not believe me here is a quick screenshot Link(

Final Globe results

  • 50 power cost
  • 7.3m radius
  • 38.3 power duration
  • 67% slow
  • 8710.0 HP
  • 4s invulnerability

Build 3(requires one forma and arcane Squall helmet)

This build is literally full power strength it is all the power strength mods you can still get equiped and the arcane helmet that gives power strength onto frost completely ingnoring all negatives going for pure strength. Build Link(  As you can see you can easily break the 10,000 barrier with this build the snow globe hits: 11415.0HP However before you decide that this globe has the most hp = the best build take a close look we lost all of our efficeny, some duration, all our energy pool, some range, and all of our armor so welcome to squishy hell. Also this build has zero room for Frost's snow globe augment mod which is amazing at making the snow globe even more over powered. Chilling Globe is god like it has a 50% chance to cause enemies to become frozen solid unable to move or attack upon entering the globe for 8s.

Final Globe results

  • 32.50 power cost
  • 4.0m radius
  • 33.5 power duration
  • 67% slow
  • 11415.0 HP
  • 4s invulnerability

Final Verdict

Both builds(not counting the first one that is just a quick novice build to get started) have their ups and downs however which ever one you choose is completely up to you and how you want to play this magnificent mother fucker Frost. Build 2 is more balanced with a bigger energy pool, a lot more armor = better survivability, better duration, and more efficiency. While build 3 has the most HP you can get on your snow globe for the cost of your energy pool and augment mod slot.

To say I have the perfect builds is iggnorant and foolish these are just some builds I have theory crafted. However, unlike maybe some of your friends or others you met playing warframe I have logged over 300hours of game time which is not even close to some guys who have hit the 1k barrier yet I have played this game since right after open beta just not as consistantly as I wish I did. Link for proof I played frost the most(

Frost prime was my first prime frame and my absolute favorite frame in the entire game so sadly for al lof you who missed out on him im terribly sorry but you can still get normal frost and follow these builds however each build will require a extra forma to achieve.

Final farwell to anyone who read this crazy and wild intro into frost with some builds to maybe follow. However if you dear reader have better ideas for Frost or better builds hell even a better guide feel free to leave a comment or link to said guide/build. I know for a fact i have not just on a whim created the two most perfect frost builds so all the input I get is greatly welcomed especially to all the noobs starting the game.

TL:DR I made a guide on the whim for fun because I heard about Frost Prime going extinct therefore, guide is not 100% complete(wanted to add sections on what game modes frost excels at and rank them in difficulty with stratigies to follow for each and even put team/squad ideas that mix well with frost on each game mode)

Good luck out there tenno~

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