• Soggy Piggy

    Dev Stream 39 Breakdown

    October 17, 2014 by Soggy Piggy

    removing warframe ability mods

    • refund fusion cores
    • refund formas
    • abilities will rank up with use

    search function in mod screen

    new male warframe for u15

    • ”void wizard” / ”limbo”
    • type is magician
    • quest warframe

    proxy wars

    • 6 groups to pick from (
    • donation / hard work
      • at high ranks may ask for prime parts for sacrifice
    • get sigils from them
      • having a sigil on is how you align with that syndicate (Loki wearing a Steel Meridean sigil
    • helping one syndicate might/will hurt your relationship with other (EX:
    • they have special alerts
      • daily quests
    • Helping a syndicate will get you like a currency you can spend, but that currency is how ranked you are in the syndicate. using the …
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