removing warframe ability mods

  • refund fusion cores
  • refund formas
  • abilities will rank up with use

search function in mod screen

new male warframe for u15

  • ”void wizard” / ”limbo”
  • type is magician
  • quest warframe

proxy wars

  • 6 groups to pick from (
  • donation / hard work
    • at high ranks may ask for prime parts for sacrifice
  • get sigils from them
  • helping one syndicate might/will hurt your relationship with other (EX:
  • they have special alerts
    • daily quests
  • Helping a syndicate will get you like a currency you can spend, but that currency is how ranked you are in the syndicate. using the currency will lower your ranks
  • syndicates will have mini shops
    • mods for only one weapon
    • augments (ability mutations)
      • EX: ash shares smoke screen
      • EX: hydroid has healing puddle
      • will be tradable for other syndicates augments
  • there are negative side effects for one syndicate hating you

void trader

  • like Darvo2.0 but rarer
  • grind weps down
  • get super rare stuff


vey hak called randomly

more customization in u15

  • ”gonna be some, get ready for it”


  • will be decent amount of sigil to start with.

new quests for u15

  • archwing quest
  • warframe quest
  • maybe another

retro quests

  • talk about bringing back old events such as Gradivus Dilemma, Arid Fear, ect.
  • the old events
  • not sure if you will be able to get the special rewards from them.

bunch of new mods

  • EX: mods that augment beam weapons
    • such as length
  • more mods for normal weapons and space weapons

directional air melee

new tileset

underwater tileset isn't u15. it is u..?

hub is coming down the line not so much u15

These are most of the things that were said during devstream 39. I tried to get as much down, but I probably missed some things or may have understood them wrong. The stream will be put up at for those of you who missed it.

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