• Sol420

    Stalker Stories

    November 11, 2013 by Sol420

    If you've spent more than a few weeks on warframe, chances are that you've run into the stalker. Some consider him a threat to be weary of. Others just think of him as an occasional annoyance. However, due to his random appearances, he's managed to make at least some kind of impact on those who meet him.

    Basically, I'm asking what was the most noteworthy/wierd encounter you've had with the stalker, if any.

    Since I'm asking, it's only fair that I start (although it isn't all that outlandish) I was in a void survival mission with 3 other dudes, 1 being a newbie. As the lights flickered, one of the other guys said the stalker was coming and said to stick together. The new guy, of course, asked who the stalker was. As if to answer him, the stalkā€¦

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