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  • Solcarius

    Tasty Leaks

    March 2, 2015 by Solcarius

    These posts are always controversial and I never really know if they are allowed here or not but I always see them spring up without repercussion so for those who are interested I'll stick them here in drop down boxes for spoiler-protection. If this information as it is definitely shouldn't be here then feel free to take it down but there were some interesting finds in the 15.16.0 datamine. I havent looked through it completely so everything might not be here.

    [*]Couldn't find these myself but someone else did

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  • Solcarius

    Before Update 14.0.5 Recessive genes were taken into account when using imprints on a Kubrow Egg, meaning the actual information stored was inconclusive. For example we could put two Huras' together and end up with a Raska, leading us to beleive this information was hard-stored on the egg and could not be swayed by the imprint.

    Now that Recessive genes are no more what is stored on the imprint is the only information used when imprinting, however there is still much debate on whether any information is still stored on the egg so what we need is some heavy testing, but since without a lot of platinum Kubrows can take a while to hatch let alone grow we need to make this a public effort. So what do you need to do?

    Efforts have been made on both…

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  • Solcarius

    Has anyone actually noticed that from the beggining of Warframe Neurodes and Neural Sensors have been incorrectly programmmed in and used? It's bugged me for quite a while now.

    Firstly we'll look at neural sensors. Only dropped from Jupiter where the infested once were its description reads:

    Well I don't know about you but this doesn't look like biotech, an organ or something you'd ever find from an infested corpse.

    Also notice the Grineer symbol on the top of it. WELL:

    Neurodes. They are dropped mainly from Grineer controlled planets (If not exclusively, haven't really checked) and reads:

    Well yeah, Grineer design, Grineer symbol on Neural Sensors and quite frankly I wouldn't know why the Grineer would fancy putting a bunch these in their weap…

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  • Solcarius

    This is just a post I made in the Warframe forums about an idea I've had in my head for a while (don't worry, there's a TL;DR version at the end). If you like the idea just give it a reply here as I would like to keep it bumped above the 'where can i get this or that' posts. too much effort? Make a comment here, I'd like opinions or if someone has a slightly different idea i'd be happy to hear them out!

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  • Solcarius

    Nova and Valkyr

    March 29, 2014 by Solcarius

    (Moving away from my usual controversial posts) With the release of the Dex Furis we now (possibly. may just be a commemorative prefix) have a special classification for Tenno weaponry, exciting stuff, making 4 faction specials in total; Prime - Orokin, Vandal - Corpus, Wraith - Grineer, Dex - Tenno (Now some special modified Infested weaponry? :3).

    Because of the Introduction of Dex it kind of possibly clears up the whole Nova Prime debate assuming Dex DOES mean special modified Tenno Weaponry. Where Nova is a frame created by the Tenno High Council and Valkyr is a Corpus-modified frame there technically would not be prime versions of these two frames (Valkyr did exist in orokin times but since her current abilities are based around anger …

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