As of U8.3 I've been noticing a lot of undocumented new hidden areas and sniper outposts and since the good sniper rifles have made a glorious return i've been making good use of these places but since i'm a frost and i'm playing in defense quite a lot i usually have to jump down and use my Snow Globe for support and whats the quickest and most badass way to get down? melee's AoE attack (jump + melee). I'm sure we've all noticed that now falling in Warframe yeilds velocity and acceleration and because these new area's are generally high up i've been thinking that there should be a damage bonus to AoE dependant on the speed of falling just before contact to the ground is made. Obviously not anything big but it just seems a bit logical that if we're falling harder the damage should increase jsut by the tiniest. from experience of falling out maps there also doesn't seem to be any terminal velocity (and if there is it's ridiculously high) so that also holds an advantage to this idea.

Warframe 2013-07-10 11-10-33-65

Assassins Creed? I don't know what you're talking about!

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