Ok so you've come here, saw the title and probably gotten angry and will try to complain because Frost is perfect. And i can't deny that fact, i f*cking love Frost and the stats are great but what needs to change is the abilities. The idea's to them are good but what they are now is frankly pathetic (seems a bit strong and i'm not angry, it jsut annoys me)

Firstly we have Freeze. Currently it freezes a single enemy (for 10 seconds?) until it has been shot whilst staying frozen if melee'd and the freeze itself does a little bit of damage. This is probably the least used ability out there. you'll freeze say a boss or a heavy but then your teammates will shoot the hell out of it causing the freeze effect to disappear almost instantly. If your teammates decide to play nice your sentinel will still go ape sh*t on it. Possible suggestion: make Freeze so it freezes the enemies for, say, 5/10/15/20 seconds without being affected by bullets or melee at all. This gives the ability a valid use in the battlefeild and if they'd have to take away the damage to balance it out then go ahead, i bet half the Frost users didn't even know Freeze did damage.

Secondly Ice Wave. The range is good at stock and gets far better when upgraded but when has it ever killed anything on it's own? it does what, 300 damage? I guess for a second ability that's fair but it's still take a while to kill anything on higher level. Possible suggestion: add a little more damage so its use is practical for both low level and high level missions?

Snow Globe:


And finally Avalanche. Again decent range that can get better with upgrading but a mere 1000 damage which is pretty bad but then on top of that this damage ia ffected by resistances and armour. I mean come on, this is an ultimate ability of a battlemage/caster/tank/whatever-you-want-to-call-it warframe and it does litterally jack sh*t to high level enemies which is what Frost's usually tend to face because they're in defense protecting the cryopod and effectively extending the mission wave further. 1000 damage may sound good to some but it's nothing against Ember's World on Fire, Saryn's Miasma, or Nova's Molecular Prime. Possible suggestion: Idk what to say. More damage maybe but i'm sure something else can be done with Avalanche to make it better. It just doesn't fare well against the enemies Frost typically goes against.

Conclusion: So sure, I've put over my points and suggestions which are both valid and logical and you may still complain at me if you still disagree with me but what i've said i'm sure many will agree with. I know DE have said numerous times about many of the frames getting buffs but for now this jsut needed to be said. Frost can't be effective with his other abilities and so Snow Globe is the only one worth equipping.which just seems pointless. If you say Frost is for staying back and protecting the pod then I don't agree with you entirely, he can still bugger off and help out, but agreeing with that I would like to use Avalanche for crowd control to clear the pod when it gets overrun with infested on Xini or something, or keeping heavies/ancients at bay temporarily with Freeze.

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