Before Update 14.0.5 Recessive genes were taken into account when using imprints on a Kubrow Egg, meaning the actual information stored was inconclusive. For example we could put two Huras' together and end up with a Raska, leading us to beleive this information was hard-stored on the egg and could not be swayed by the imprint.

Now that Recessive genes are no more what is stored on the imprint is the only information used when imprinting, however there is still much debate on whether any information is still stored on the egg so what we need is some heavy testing, but since without a lot of platinum Kubrows can take a while to hatch let alone grow we need to make this a public effort. So what do you need to do?

Efforts have been made on both the Kubrow and Genetic Code Template pages to conclude this information however I want to start this blog here so only the results are in the comments.


Simply all you have to do is if you're imprinting an egg with two templates using two of the same unconfirmed trait if the baby Kubrow has that trait too or if it doesn't post the result here. Remember one result is not conclusive evidence as chance can still play its part but really since imprints don't use recessive genes even one result where the trait isn't moved across to the baby Kubrow will confirm that it is stored on the egg and not the imprint.

Stored Information


  • Colours
  • Head Pattern
  • Body Pattern

Requires Testing

  • Gender
  • Body Build
  • Kubrow Type
  • Order Dominance (First or second Imprint takes certain traits)