(Moving away from my usual controversial posts) With the release of the Dex Furis we now (possibly. may just be a commemorative prefix) have a special classification for Tenno weaponry, exciting stuff, making 4 faction specials in total; Prime - Orokin, Vandal - Corpus, Wraith - Grineer, Dex - Tenno (Now some special modified Infested weaponry? :3).

Because of the Introduction of Dex it kind of possibly clears up the whole Nova Prime debate assuming Dex DOES mean special modified Tenno Weaponry. Where Nova is a frame created by the Tenno High Council and Valkyr is a Corpus-modified frame there technically would not be prime versions of these two frames (Valkyr did exist in orokin times but since her current abilities are based around anger and torment from Corpus experiments she would need a new 'original' ability set to make sense). So if DE choose to follow lore correctly we may possibly see a "Valkyr Vandal" and "Dex Nova" which I think would be pretty awesome as it would give them a different appearance style to that of the Primes and it would be interesting to see where DE goes with it.

But what do you think about this possibility? Think it would be a good addition or should they say screw it and stick to Primes?

Additionally if there are any artists out there it would be fun to see how you would interpret the appearance of these Prime-alternatives, occasionally you see some user-created prime concepts that end up looking better than what comes to be officially so it would be cool to see some Vandal or Dex concepts (although there has only been one Dex weapon I guess its hard to see exactly where DE want to take the style). I would say 'Lets do a mini competition' where the community votes on the best concepts and i award 500 or 1000 platinum but i'm a poor (totally not cheap) bastard :P

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