Ok so it's been well established (yet not officially said) that Operations are going to happen pretty much once a month. We had Fusion Moa Event in May for Frost Prime Blueprint, Grineer Spy Drone Event in June for the return of the Snipetron and we're getting another one this weekend for July (probably for Mag Prime, i hope it's Mag, I'm not too partial on the frame but the suit itself looks badass so a Prime version of the suit would look fantastic)

Anyway back on topic the most part of the game is grindi-- I mean playing mission and fighting enemies but another big part of the game is the foundry and crafting So i'm thinking that for the August Operation or whenever the next Global Operation is We are told the Lotus has aquired some vital blueprints but need's assistance in mass producing them. Whatever the reward may be, a weapon or a frame, would be shown as a silhouette to entice the players with curiosity (This is because the Drone event almost failed because some players didn't particularly like using snipers) and when clicking on the Operation alert thing on the left of the menu screen a UI will appear similar to that of weapons research in the dojo.

10 different materials would be required to donate to, each needing a total of multiple millions to complete, more or less millions based on the rarity of the material (this is because of two reasons, Warframe's player base is over 3million and a challenge still needs to be present to make it last the weekend). I choose 10 different materials because this would stay true to the top 10 winners bonus prize so the top 1 person for each material would win that prize, an alternative to this is to have all the material types or anything and just have the top 10 donators in total, I did not like this idea though because donating thousands of Nano Spores is easier than donating thousands of Rubedo for example.

Players would get the reward in the end by donating either at least a certain amount of resources or just any amonut of resources but the minimum requirement (if any) would not be stated (again, another reason why the Drone Event almost failed, unlike the Fusion Moa event people jsut got 20 kills then stopped). Since players have been donating their resources to the event I'd like to say they'd get the reward as a full item as opposed to a blueprint but then that would mean giving a free slot too.

Personally i like the idea, it makes a change from the mindless killing of new enemies whether we like killing them or not and it puts the second big aspect of the game into a Global Operation so it's more of a passive and technical event where players can keep doing what they need to do while contributing instead of stopping everything to kill certain things.

I put the idea here for opinions of the mass public because honestly i would like to see this happen at least once

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