• SoldierSeuss

    Frame building idea

    December 2, 2013 by SoldierSeuss

    So, I've been farming for peices and parts for the frames I do not have yet, and an interesting thought popped into my head. Why not be able to substitute an alt head in place of the normal head for when your constructing a frame ? It would not count it as having the default head & the alt head used once finished, so it would be best to use a double of an alt head you have for the frame you would be building. I think it could potentially be a good addition, given that there are 3 heads for most frames ( default and 2 alt, not including the primed ones ) as well as heads seem to be hard to get for some frames, at least in my experience ( particularly banshee and vauban ) Anyone else agree, disagree, or have any comments/concerns ?

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