• Soma Prime

    If you didn't know Steel Charge was once rank 10 at max, then DE realized this was too much so they brought it down to rank 5 at max. But what about the people who brought it rank 6 and above?

    DE ran a Script to give 2 Legendary cores, able to max any mod no matter what the max rank or rarity, to every one who ranked Steel Charge to rank 6 or above, to compensate for their hard work.

    Im not gonna rage, in fact im going to try to be as civil as possible. My steel charge was rank 5 when the script went live, and i was planning on bringing it to rank 6 today(sucks for me :( ), I just find it very unfair that all i had to do is spend 17 rare 5 cores to bring it from rank 0 to 6 and i would get 2 Legendary cores just for doing that.

    One legendary c…

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