• Soscelum

    This is just something I dreamed up in my spare time. I haven't worked hard at all on it, but I am open to suggestions. This 'Frame will kind of be a Shaman-like, while also being a spirit itself.

    Spiritus - The Spirit Warframe

    Base Stats

    Health - 100 (300 at level 30)

    Shields - 75 (125 at level 30)

    Armor - ? (Not sure how armor works, so I'm open to suggestions.)

    Speed - 1.15

    Stamina - 80

    Polarities - 1 "V" Polarity

    1 "-" Polarity

    Aura Polarity - "V"

    1st Ability - Summon Spirit

    Energy cost - 25

    Spiritus summons a spirit on target Tenno (yourself if nobody is targeted) that

    knocks down enemies that come too close and deals (how much?) impact damage

    buffs Spiritus with 2/4/6 health regeneration (does/doesn't stack with Eye Opener?) every 3/2/1 second(s)

    2nd Ab…

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  • Soscelum

    This is my first time posting, so criticism on how stupid or awkward this might seem is greatly appreciated.

    I just wanted to share my opinion on this "space ninja" theme this game is supposed to have. If anything, the Tenno are more like space pirates. We board ships, kill everything on board, and loot and plunder. Stealth is a very counterproductive mechanic, and it needs to be updated. Stealth attacks don't yield consistent kills, and it isn't possible to stealth attack and successfully kill shielded enemies (as far as I know). Most of the weapons in this game aren't stealth-oriented. We only have 4 silent primaries, being the Paris/Paris Prime, Dread and Cernos. We also only have 3 silent secondaries, being the Kunai, Despair, an…

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