This is just something I dreamed up in my spare time. I haven't worked hard at all on it, but I am open to suggestions. This 'Frame will kind of be a Shaman-like, while also being a spirit itself.

Spiritus - The Spirit Warframe

Base Stats

Health - 100 (300 at level 30)

Shields - 75 (125 at level 30)

Armor - ? (Not sure how armor works, so I'm open to suggestions.)

Speed - 1.15

Stamina - 80

Polarities - 1 "V" Polarity

1 "-" Polarity

Aura Polarity - "V"

1st Ability - Summon Spirit

Energy cost - 25

Spiritus summons a spirit on target Tenno (yourself if nobody is targeted) that

knocks down enemies that come too close and deals (how much?) impact damage

buffs Spiritus with 2/4/6 health regeneration (does/doesn't stack with Eye Opener?) every 3/2/1 second(s)

2nd Ability - Eye Opener

Energy cost - 50

Spiritus opens the spirit eyes of his/her fellow Tenno,

increasing health and shield capacity by 10%/20%/30%

buffs everyone with 2/4/6 health regeneration (does/doesn't stack with Summon Spirit?) every 5/4/3 second(s)

3rd Ability - Spirit Form

Energy cost - 75

Spiritus turns into a spirit, allowing him/her to

take NO damage but deal NO damage

slow enemies by 10%/20%/30% within a 5/10/20 meter radius

stun any enemies he/she passes through for 5/10/15 seconds

regenerate health and shields while in this state

and gives a 5%/10%/15% speed buff


3rd Ability - Enchant

Energy cost - 75

Spiritus says a chant (de)buffing him/her with

30%/60%/90% less damage taken

a 5%/10%/15% speed buff

but with a 10%/20%/30% damage output reduction

4th Ability - View Change (Bad name, I know, come up with something better please!)

Energy cost - 100

Spiritus shifts his view into the spirit world, allowing him to

see enemy weakspots to deal an extra 5%/10%/15% damage if the weakspots are hit

see enemies through solid objects,

fire/throw projectiles through any size walls,

pass through walls if Spirit Form is active

fly unhindered if Spirit Form is active

doubles the percentage slowed and time stunned if Spirit Form is active

These are just my ideas for a frame that I'd like to have. Please, leave your opinions in the comments below and please excuse any stupid spelling/grammar errors. I may have overused the bold or used an incorrect format, so please tell me if I have. If anything is OP, don't just post in the comments "err mah gerd sooo op" without giving me a reason why. I'm no too sure of the mechanics of the game, as I am a casual player, so some numbers may be too big. Thank you for reading :D

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