Special Operations FoxHound

aka Dagger Sable

  • I live in Shadow Moses Island
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Anti-Metal Gear activist
  • I am Male, but they took my dick.
  • Special Operations FoxHound

    New breed of Tenno sighted! 

    These Tenno call themselves the Roller Hunters. They appear in-game as regular Tenno, except they seem to have a deformality that causes them to always crouch. They also seem to be super paranoid, always staring down the sights of their pistols. I've seen them in all colors, and with almost every Warframe, so they don't seem to be a particular color/Warframe type. 

    Their habitat is just about anywhere. In the wild, they seemingly trace and hunt Grineer Rollers. There also might be a gene that seems to gear some towards targeting Latchers as well, but this is much more rare. 

    If you see these amazing, exotic creatures, please make a blog post with their username (if you're nice to them, they may tell you!), the dat…

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