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  • Starfreak911

    Greetings everyone,

    Been a while since I have done a blog, but the events that took place in the last 3 hours has given me a reason, and a question.  "How can Warframe benefit the world outside of itself?"

    For those who are not aware, DE has set the Warframe a community a goal, a target of money raised for Movember.  For livestream 41 DE arranged for a world record to be attempted and set; the largest number of virtual moustaches gathered at a single point in time.  This number was determined by the number of people online in Warframe wearing the moustache 'attachment', and we broke over 9,000.  People were also donating up to $100 to charity and it blew my mind that we could band together as Tenno Brothers and Sisters, as a collection of in…

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  • Starfreak911

    Hey guys,

    Been a while since I have posted a blog but I was unable to find a topic that would garner my personal approval as a valid blog subject, but here I am.

    What I want to discuss is the impact of event and alert rewards on the rarity and therefore price of items, mainly mods.  The way I see things is that there are three instances relating to this that can occur, "Second release", "Lotus Gifts" and "Easier/Better".

    Second release:  When a mod set is first released as an event reward, then later made permanantly obtainable from either a mission type or boss encounter reward.  (e.g Cicero Crisis elemental/status mod set)

    Easier/Better:  When a previously hard to get mod is trumped by a special alert or event mod set.  (e.g Contagious spread…

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  • Starfreak911

    Hey guys.  The following are my thoughts about the shown Hydroid (The new water frame) abilities in the livestream.  I state straight at the start that my suggestions are ASSUMPTIONS on how the abilities work.  I have posted this on the forums, but almost straight away I got a comment saying "at least wait till we have used him in-game" which kind of irratates me due to what I stated about assumptions.  You guys and gals that scour the wiki to get some of your Warframe fix are usually a little, civilised, in terms of replies to well meaning blogs.  Let me know what you think, and I look forward to reading the comments.  Please keep it civil.

    So, I got up extremely early in the morning, logged into to twitch like a compliant, brain washed Ten…

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  • Starfreak911

    Tethra's doom is over (all 3-4 minutes of it), and most of us now have a red and grey (not so shiny) wraith gorgon (along with the mods and badges). I have seen comments from people who are complaining about the lack of polarities on the gorgon. As far as I can remember, this is a first for an event weapon. My question is, how much does whether or not a weapon as stock polarities affect whether or not you will use it for a large amount of time? For me, I will be happy to sink some forma into the weapon, and the xp boost also helps with some other weapons I have formed. Does the xp booster make up for not having polarities on the weapon, or is the lack of polarities making the gorgon wraith a mastery, then archive weapon? On a bit of …

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  • Starfreak911


    With the recent buff to Saryns molt ability, I have now had reason to try her again. after a few runs, I am now considering maining her. If you are not aware, molt now does AOE toxic damage when it is destroyed, or expires. expires includes you using another molt. The range is good, the DOT proc is nice, and it is a cheaper way to kill clustered enemies. Saryn's miasma gains benefit from reduced duration, and fleeting expertise is a pure increase in DPS for miasma.

    now, this is were people with different opinions will grill me. I see contagion, and to a smaller extent venom, a waste of mod points. until melee 2.0, melee abilities are severely limited in their usefulness. Venom requires you to pop the spores for max damage, …

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