This blog is mainly for speculation and thoughts into the Origins of the infested, and the place in these origins that the infested ancients hold. 

With the new look for the ancients being far 'cleaner' and more of an individual organism rather than one that has been taken over, I wounder if the ancients are a seperate species that use the infestation to consume and meld the minds of other races that in turn become the ancients army.  With the reskinning of vor, and the further hints at the 'warframe story', the reskin of the ancients seems to be hinting at the progression of their story. 

Also, I notice that all infested except the charger, can be recognized as a faction that has been consumed, mostly being the Corpus.  Does this mean that the race the infestation has taken over, and then resulted in the charger, is going to be added as the revealed fourth hostile faction?  With more organic and natural level designs being shown as concept art, do you think we will get a more animilistic recognizable faction?

Let me and others know your thoughts, and pelase keep this based on infested related origin concepts, and not slide over to talking about the stalker, or sentients unless it is relevant.

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