Greetings everyone,

Been a while since I have done a blog, but the events that took place in the last 3 hours has given me a reason, and a question.  "How can Warframe benefit the world outside of itself?"

For those who are not aware, DE has set the Warframe a community a goal, a target of money raised for Movember.  For livestream 41 DE arranged for a world record to be attempted and set; the largest number of virtual moustaches gathered at a single point in time.  This number was determined by the number of people online in Warframe wearing the moustache 'attachment', and we broke over 9,000.  People were also donating up to $100 to charity and it blew my mind that we could band together as Tenno Brothers and Sisters, as a collection of indivuals who were willing to strive toward something great; not for personal gain (although we do now have some awesome bragging rights) but instead for the furthering a charity.

My question is simply "What else can we do?"  What are people's thoughts about other ways in which we can positively affect the world outside of the virtual experience we have come to love?  I personally want to see this behaviour continue, for us to prove we are not only focussed on the entertainment product known as Warframe, but that we are not only aware of things around us but that we are also willing to have an impact on issues that the world faces.

Do I sound like an idealogical optimist?  Yes, but I see no reason why a gamers favourite past time can't help others.  Leave comments below and discuss.  Wish everyone an awesome day, and thank you all for being one of the least overall toxic communities I have ever encountered.  =)

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