Greetings all.

With the new Update 9.5, the one thing that immediately caught my eye (and yet to fix in place whether or not it is in a good way or a bad way) is the newest reincarnation of the seemingly much loved Rhino Iron skin.  Looking back at screenshots I had taken before U9.5 with Iron skin, I admit I looked like a porcupine/armidillo cross breed, but I liked it.  When I was uploading the new image onto the media page, I saw the skins side by side and found I longed for the pre U9.5 animation back. 

My thoughtsare, why not after each re-skin of something like this, if it doesn't break game files or cause two skins to be applied, can't we have a skin option of the previous incarnations.  People will be able to get what they like, and if it lags sending different animations for same ability to a host or something, have your option of skin choice be applied visualy on your screen to all party members. 

This game as customization options in it, granted they are kinda decent, but most are plat only.  I want a type of customization that still seperates those who put money into the game from those that play for free, but still giving the free players options.  They already have the codes for the old animations, so that a decent portion of work already done.

Wanting to gauge the view of the wiki communty towards this idea before I put it on the Warframe forums, so let me know what you think.

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