In livestream 16, it was talked about whether or not DE were going to add a consumable which would increase the number of mod slots for a weapon, as after a point, you can fill all your slots, and have energy to spare.  I looked at the aura system for the frames, and it has always kinda bugged me that we can't give up the energy and effect increase of the aura by placing a normal mod in that slot.  What if we had an aura slot for the weapons, that effects primary, secondary and melee weapons of the lobby you are in.  They would be minor, like reload of primary is decreased by 3% per aura rank, or accuracy increased, or recoil decreased (for melees it would be strike time decrease/re-sheathing time decrease) with a maxed weapon aura giving an extra 8 energy (enough to benefit, but not too much).  The aura system could change, so if you put in a normal mod, it will apply energy consumption and polarity normally, but it means you can sacrifice a lobby wide passive ability and extra energy, for more mods if you have enough forma to offset the energy consumption increase.  This would also give forma a larger place in the game, as atm, its fellow 20plat brethren (the catalyst and reactor) offer far more incentive to go after than the forma. 

Please leave thoughts below.

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