Hey guys. With the Gradivus dilemma, the brakk and detron were shown as the sidearm rewards for the victorious side. With the Grineer trample stomping the corpus, the brakk was released and the detron had a place in limbo for a time being. Harvester has introduced a means to get the fabled Detron pistol, and from what I can tell, everyone is getting hyped about the weapon considering how good the brakk was on release, and the stats closely resembling the brakk in the codex. I worry though, that we are having a 'what if' moment in our minds where everything seems so much better than we can realistically expect, setting ourselves up for a 'meh, it was fun while it lasted' moment. The harvester is rare, and you are not getting a weapon as a whole, but rather needing a set to get a single weapon. DE could have placed the detron on the harvester to squeeze excitement out of the Warframe community, even though the means to get the item we seek, involves farming, of which not too many are happy doing. For me, the Detron will just be another weapon to rank, and keep due to its rarity, but I think it will not be used much beyond that. What do you think about the desirability of the detron, and am I the only one not praising the heavens; wanting to get it as soon as possible?

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