Greetings people. With the release of the Akmagnus, and all the other single secondary's that have dual wield versions, I am beginning to wonder whether it is becoming a problem. The weapon numbers in Warframe are impressive (and continuing to grow) but the diversity is not what I want it to be (mind you, it is getting better). The mentality for releasing at least one new weapon a week seems good on the surface, but I consider it this mentality that is the cause of the 'weapon cloning' we see and complain about. Mastery will for ever grow, and the number of weapons increasing is always welcome for the rank warriors out there, but I think DE need to stop the dual wielding of every weapon at some point. People are already joking about Akbrakk, Aksoma, and I kind of think that a dual wield Scindo is not too extreme based on what we have seen so far.

The idea that there should be a weapon style that is effective for all factions is a nice one (looking at the three bows, Magnus/Vasto/Lex, and other weapons that fit the 'trinity of damages' mold), but when does it become excessive, and a fall back option when thinking of the weeks 'new' weapon?

DE are trying to keep us interested in the game on a weekly bases by bringing out a new weapon for every week, but I would rather have a new way to use the current weapons (mainly the stealth based weapons) rather than a copy of the same weapon style for me to use as rank fodder, then most likely throw away. By introducing more ways to use already created weapons, we can nearly double the amount of fun and experiences we may have in Warframe, without resorting to the 'dual wield' or 'weapon clone' mentality. I see this as a must for the longevity of the game, as we all know the games we play the most (aside from MMO and F2P games) are the ones that have a large variety of option to start off in regards to game play, rather than the games that add pseudo new ways to play.

I love this game (nearly 1300 steam hours, woot woot (I need to re-evaluate my life......)) and I would hate to see the game stagnant from lack of new ideas, and the view of its community that a 'new' weapon needs to be released every week. I think we can all agree that we don't need more duel wield weapons that don't bring anything actually new to the game. We need ideas that are ACTUALLY new, and will benefit all players rather than the mastery crusaders (od which I am one). The redesign of the damage, melee and UI systems are a sign that the game is evolving for the better. People may kick and scream that the experience they have grown to love is changing, but to quote a crappy university ad, "the only constant on this earth, is change". Change is not negative or positive on its own, but only gains these characteristics based on whether we accept the change or not.

I would like to ask all of you whether or not you are a fan of the dual wield weapons as a concept that betters the game, or whether you are like me, and think it is an idea that is stagnating, and will drag the game down.

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