I have done my fair share of Orokin Derelict vault runs already, and one mod that really stood out to me as being an advantage without any real negative is the Heavy Caliber mod.  It increases both weapon damage and recoil on a rifle by 15% each fusion level.  On the weapons such as Torid, Ogris, Ignis, or the snipers with lower fire-rate, all it really does is increase damage.  It increases damage at max, about the same as a Serration mod does, and having both a maxed Serration and Heavy Caliber mod, is effectively just two maxed Serrations.  On Ignis especially, with the soon to be new armour 2.0 system, the lack of armour ignore won't have as much of an effect, and the +300% base damage from Serration and Heavy Caliber will make the Ignis a force to be reckoned with.  Combine this with Firestorm (which on its own isn't really all that good considering it widens cone, but it takes a valuable mod spot) and the Ignis will be a wide-reaching death machine.  Ogris is already amazing at higher tiers (even more so the torid) and this new boy on the block, known as Heavy Caliber, makes we wonder if in the future, we will only see Ignis , Torid/Ogris, and oneshot sniper rifle behemoths in end-game games. 

Please leave thoughts below, and sorry for rambling a bit.

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