Hey guys.  The following are my thoughts about the shown Hydroid (The new water frame) abilities in the livestream.  I state straight at the start that my suggestions are ASSUMPTIONS on how the abilities work.  I have posted this on the forums, but almost straight away I got a comment saying "at least wait till we have used him in-game" which kind of irratates me due to what I stated about assumptions.  You guys and gals that scour the wiki to get some of your Warframe fix are usually a little, civilised, in terms of replies to well meaning blogs.  Let me know what you think, and I look forward to reading the comments.  Please keep it civil.

So, I got up extremely early in the morning, logged into to twitch like a compliant, brain washed Tenno (but happy to be one), and prepared for update information to overload the few cells in my brain that had woken up in-time.  Melee 2.0 looks cool, the art for Hydroid is cool, and I am stoked about the dojo.  Everything was set for one of the most interesting Livestreams yet.......  the Hydroid starting actually doing stuff.  Right now, I will say that I am not only complaining, but I am also going to suggest a few ways Hydroid could be improved (I know the skills are open to changes even without the communities feedback).


Skill 1:

The cannon ball idea is cool, and having it target-able on any surface will probably allow for it to be cc in an area you think will very soon have enemies, while you focus on something else (maybe looking for that elusive whale to shoot with the harpoon gun).  If damage is decent, the only thing i would like from this skill is that multiple can be called in at once, allowing you to deal damage quicker, and having multiple groups of enemies affected.


Skill 2:

The idea of Hydroid turning into a wave is cool, but I do not think it is practical.  Frames such as Excalibur and Rhino have a first ability that deals damage, moves you a decent distance, and in the case of Rhino, offers CC.  Tidalwave just seems like it will be a Rhino charge with very limited distance/AoE, that presumably will cost twice as much as Slash dash and Rhino charge.  The ability could be improved by giving the cast attributes similar to Banshee's Sonic-boom.  If Hydroid is stationary when using the skill, he is open to a bit more damage.  Now, as the ability has something small going against it, we can justify the buff I am suggesting.  Give the wave more forward momentum so it does not stop 2 feet in front of where it was casted.  Like most skills, this will be affected by duration mods.  Then, give it a larger AoE, but split it up into two affects based on whether a target is being face-plowed square in the face, or nudged to the side like a College student geek when the football team go past.  The numbers that follow are purely for example.  If the wave travels for, say 20 in-game meters, then enemies affected at the last 5 feet are staggered (slightly longer than usual recovery time).  The Tidal wave could be aimed at the 50 degrees, (25 on either side of where the caster is looking), dealing light to medium damage to targets affected.  Along with those at 15-20 meters range,  any enemies that are hit by the two outer 10 degrees also only get staggered.  Now we have a segment of a circle that affects targets.  Any enemy hit by the wave withing 15 degrees either side of the caster, or the first 15 meters of its range get knocked back, and maybe given a 10-30% increase the enemies take for a few seconds (damage from any source counts).  This will give a reason to have it equipped on Hydroid.


Skill 3:

Wha... No, let me sugges...... I mean comon.......  REALLY DE?!?!?!  When I heard this was the third ability, one that from what I saw was a on/off ability that consumed mana over  time was on that turned you into a puddle, I laughed, and thought about the jokes you were making about the idea.  It was only when you showed it being used did I realize it was actually the third skill.  I understand that with Hydroid being water/pirate themed, a heaped helping of water and weird would follow, that this is just bad.  Sorry, had to say it.  The animation is cool, and the change to the enemy AI was, lets say, inspired, but beyond blobbing into a puddle when you are taking too much damage, when would it actually help.  I think that it should be a casted ability that turns the targeted area into a puddle, but Hydroid does not morph.  The water would heavily slow enemies down, strip them of maybe 80% of their armor, and maybe takes away the enemies abilities (Ancient healer's heal pulse, Heavy Grineer units ground slam, Fusion moa's deployed drone, and an average range, slightly below average duration, and a DoT similar to Vauban's Vortex or Zephyr's Tornadoes.  If Hydroid crouches while standing in the puddle, he will submerge into it stopping him taking damage (although shields will not regenerate), increase the DoT taken by enemies, and remove AI awareness of Hydroids presence.


Skill 4:

This, is most likely the hardest to suggest changes to due to what was shown of it.  Hydroid summons a Kraken that consists of water and unleashes it upon the enemy.  Awesome thought behind it, but it seemed to not be working as intended when shown off.  Some things that might make it cool is if the Kraken moved around a bit like Zephyr's Tornadoes do, give the Kraken a decent range from which it can grab enemies, and if the Kraken expires while holding onto an enemy, that enemy falls under the same effect that Tidal wave has (slowing and knockdown), but also damages them when dropped to the ground.  The Kraken could have 4 arms default that it can use to either strike an enemy dealing instant, medium to medium-high damage (think a slap in the face from an ex), or to grab enemies that would not take at least 60% of their health as damage from the normal strike.  When in the Kraken's grasp, the victim will be firing his weapon/laser/grenade launcher/what-ever-else in panic as they are being thrown around like a child's play-thing.  being thrown around would cause heavy significant DoT, while any surrounding enemies take damage when hit by the panicked victim.  Allies would not take damage though.  The enemies that are not either killed or currently being killed will target the Kraken (but not reduce time or damage due to the Kraken being made of water) like AI currently decides targets while under Nyx's Chaos (if the Kraken is closer than a Tenno or another hostile unit is, then they focus on the Kraken).


All in all, the concept of a water frame is awesome, and aside from Hydroids alt helm (a pirate hat seems almost gimmicky, and for me at least, throws away the side on symmetry {I like meh looks, ok..}) and to a far lesser extent his thighs (Rhino's are smaller, and Ember doesn't really count has her 'thighs' are just decorated holsters), Hydroid looks amazing.  Would be awesome, is if a cloak based Syandana was also released with him (a tattered flowing cloak that has both sword induced tears, as well as some bullet holes), and that it was not a Warframe specific Syandana (like Valkyr's bonds or Nekros' painted black streamers).


TL;DR - The skills need changing so they are more useful in a game based around mobility, large CC and damage, and especially looking bad-ass while doing it.  Concepts are awesome, but they need to be realized better (except Hydroid's first skill as it looks like it will be decent, and the fourth skill as I do not think it worked properly when demonstrating it).  Hydroid looks cool, and its nice to see DE thinking about affects targeting enemy AI, that don't turn them into a statue, or a brainwashed "Yes sir" sheep.


I hope you all read this as I have truly given this a lot of thought surrounding bad-assery, balancing, and keeping the skills true to what Warframe is (absolutely anything you can think of doing).  If enough people like this and it is not seen by DE, I will save the writing in order to either post it again in 2-3 days, or to PM one of the DE members.

[Edit] - This is a message from DERebecca.

Hi there,

Hopefully our coming video can answer your questions on this, I don't have too many details right now.


So, we can look forward to a video, soon, that will show us very 'officially' what Hydroid's abilities are capable of.

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