Hello guys.

Long Version (with explanations and reasonings)

When constructing the dojo of a clan, much thought is required in the positioning of rooms, in order to keep the dojo tidy when it is fully built.  When I started building, I did not consider the side rooms given by the 'grandest' and 'grand' clan halls.  These halls ended up being built far away from most of the other rooms (labs, dueling arena, parkour course and the gardens).  I am now in the proccess of destroying these rooms, and building them with the grand and grandest halls as the 'hub'.  I am also skeptical whether the lab research will transfer between labs (as I am moving those as well, but don't want to lose our fully devoloped research) and will be annoyed if the labs stay where they are (away from everything else) or if we have to start researching again.

Bit off topic so far, but there is a point to it.  I think it would be far easier if DE implement a tool for the Warlord (and Warlord only, despite building prevaliges being giving to others) to be able to move all rooms onto a fresh template, order them how they want (as long as requirements are met still (power and capacity) and having the dojo reset to the setup chosen.  This would reduce time spent destroying and rebuilding, allow all resources from decorations to be kept, and for dojos to be more streamlined, tidy and efficient.  Having to plan for future rooms being released won't be needed, and I think it would be easy enough to implement. 

Basic bullet points.

-Only warlord can re-design.

-Resources are all kept from decorations.

-Moving instead of re-building reduces time dojo is inactive in certain regards.

-In-depth planning for future dojo releases is removed.

-'Cock-ups' are easily fixed.

Extra notes

-The same program could be modified to allow decorations to be moved once built, and a decoration setup won't look wierd after rooms have been moved, as you can just move the decorations.

-I know DE have other focuses (armour 2.0, fixing bugs, balancing weapons and frames and creating more interesting lore and end-game gameplay) but this would be a really nice addition. 

Please leave your thoughts below.

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