Some may recognise the image as being on the 'rng barstards' blog stating about the frost aurora helmet I didn't get.  Firstly, I would like to take that back.  I mainly wrote that blog as I was emailed by support saying I couldn't get the items I had done the missions for.  Today, I looked in my foundry and found a catalyst that I didn't know where I had gotten it from (I had a week after the frost helm gone after a catalyst that had glitched as well).  I went into emails, and found the ticked recieved email stating they were sorry it took so long, but the amount of tickets being sent through had hindered their proccesing time, and that my TWO items were in my foundry.  Looked back in the skins section, and for the love of RNG, I have the frost helm.  Main point of this post is to say that if you have a current support ticket going for anything, there is hope. No matter how long it takes. it will resolve.  Has anyone else gotten either of these two items in the last 24 hours, or any other glitched items, if so, it would be good to hear the good fortune was not only towards me. 

Have faith Tenno, and you will be rewarded what is due.

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