As a veteran player that has spent more time on Warframe than I probably should, I looked back to the first times I played this game, and how the concept and combat felt refreshing.  I started a secondary account to experience the 'new player' feel of the game again, and when I got to the first survival mission on mercury, I entered a lobby with 3 others who where getting downed every 30 seconds, and after the fourth minute, getting destroyed by napalms.  We managed to complete the mission, but it got me wondering if new players should go up against bombards and such large swarms of enemies that are impossible to stand and fight against, all within the first hour of gameplay.  Napalms didn't spawn in on missions until levels 30+ planets when I first started, and by then I had enough equipment to deal with them.  In the survival mission, I soon turned into a mouse being hunted by lions who had been scientifically engineered to make me know I was going to die.  This, I would imagine, would leave a very sour taste in the mouths of new players, and maybe give them the misconception that this difficulty imbalance is present during the entire game, and make it not seem worth while to continue playing. 

After a bit of writing, I get to my point: Should survival missions even be present on mercury, or should new players be allowed a longer time to gain equipment before being thrown into the fire.  I think that a change to the first few missions would allow more players to continure playing, grow the Warframe community, and all round benefit DE.

Leave thoughts below, and if you think new players should continue to be roasted, let me know why.

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