Tethra's doom is over (all 3-4 minutes of it), and most of us now have a red and grey (not so shiny) wraith gorgon (along with the mods and badges). I have seen comments from people who are complaining about the lack of polarities on the gorgon. As far as I can remember, this is a first for an event weapon. My question is, how much does whether or not a weapon as stock polarities affect whether or not you will use it for a large amount of time? For me, I will be happy to sink some forma into the weapon, and the xp boost also helps with some other weapons I have formed. Does the xp booster make up for not having polarities on the weapon, or is the lack of polarities making the gorgon wraith a mastery, then archive weapon? On a bit of a side note, are you happy you got the gorgon without much hastle during the event, or do you (like me) think we should have had to work harder for it. I am not saying gradivus grind hard, but rather a challenge that can be achieved in a somewhat small time frame, but actually requires an amount of skill. Thank you for reading, and please leave (civilized) comments below.

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