Greeting peoples

I have recently started up a new clan with a few gamers that I have enjoyed fighting beside as tenno.  When recruiting for more members, I get the feeling most people only want to join for the researched weapons, sentinel, dueling (though now not so much) and the parkour course.  I have been in a few clans and find the close nit community feel is lost, as behemoth clans rise withthe promise of evrything already researched. 

I want to be in a clan for the feeling of playing with the same users over a period of time, and actually having fun, rather than just to progress my foundry.  I know some people will argue that join a behemoth clan allows for the use of fun weapons, can it can be said people join these larger clans for fun as well, but I don't think its the same.

My point of this blog is to ask why people on the wiki join clans, and whether the ability to attain powerful and different equipment overrides any need for a community feel?

Leave thoughts below, and also state any experiences you may have had in larger/smaller clans.

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