With the most recent changes to how the faction interact in the solar system, we have lost out beloved XP farm, Xini.  The last time xini was being called dead, was when drop tables where specialised to individual enemy types, and the infested were no longer the providers of generic mod farming.  What we saw though, was that it only took a week or two for xp farmers to re-kindle their love of xini, and for the node to become heavily populated again.  At this point in time, xini is controlled by the corpus, of whom people consider less easy to farm than infested, yet the tile map remains the same. 

The infested have been relegated to an invasion force, moving from planet to planet, infesting connected nodes if they are not stopped.  With this random invasion, I consider it only a matter of time before we get our xini back the way we have fallen in love with it.  An infested invasion will occur on or near xini, and when it does, I predict that the warframe community will let the infestation ravage xini, returning it to pre-U11.3 status as the king of xp farming.  The only way that this will not happen, is if catalysts, reactors, plat or forma is offered as the battle pay for defeating the infestation.

It seems to me that with the new invasion, and DE's goal to no longer have infested based nodes as the reliable form of grinding defences, they have only delayed the inevitable.  What do you guys think will happen, and under what circumstance would you sacrifice the chance of returning xini?

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