During the Gradivus Dilema, I attained 4 Orokin reactors from battle pay.  Some may say 'well thats awesome, I wish I had that many to use', but there lies my main issue.  I don't have anything to use them on.  I have bought platnium in the past, quite a bit actually thanks to the 50% off log in rewards, and with that plat I bought slots for all the warframes, and reactors for all but 2 warframes.  Once I had done this, reactors poped up in 'gift from the lotus' alerts, and I soon had my other frames supercharged.  I also had a plethora of weapons that I loved using, but did not have Catalysts on them.  The Gradivus dilema passed, and I had 4 Reactors sitting in my inventory.  I then got a 2 hour alert, and today, I got another reactor from a 2 hour alert.  I now have 6 built reactors sitting around.  I also still have weapons I would like to supercharge, and I am saving plat for future spending. 

After the story, my point.  When I watch the once every 2 weeks livestream and a Catalyst 'gift from the lotus' alert is anounced, the chat erupts with "but I need a reactor", "I would prefer a reactor", and even "but you promised me a reactor, not a catalyst".  I am starting to think that just because there are fewer warframes than weapons, people assum Reactors are going to be rarer.  With all the weapons available, and the focus of people wanting Reactors instead of Catalysts, there is a point where you run out of warframes to supercharge, and have weapons you wish you could supercharge.  Why do people seem to value Reactors more?  What about a supercharged warframe appeals to more people than a supercharged weapon, even though warframes have aura slots for increased power anyway.

Please leave thoughts below, and try to enlighten me the best you can.

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