When looking at the new sniper rifle, the Vectis, I read the disadvantages mentioning that it has the lowest zoom percentage of any innate zoom weapon.  Before I read this, I assumed all scoped weapons in warframe zoomed at the same percentage, therefore the range that was best to use them at was the same.  There are no stats on zoom percentage on the wiki for innate scoped weapons, which seems to be a relatively important stat to consider when deciding on a rifle.  Also, for those who are heavily into crunching the stats on their weapons once all mods have been added, not knowing what the base zoom that a 'eye' mod is basing its percentage increase off of can be a bit annoying.  Stats in my mind, are what allow wikis and warframe addicts to survive when deciding on builds, and not having what seems to be a majour stat available seems a bit odd.

In summing up

  • how many people actually care about the zoom percentage?
  • how many people would take it into account when deciding on a weapon?
  • and how many people think this should become another one of the collapsible stats on the weapon page?

Please leave thoughts below.

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