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  • I live in Austin
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is Military
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  • Stephen Michael

    Trinity – Demi ”God” Mode (Five Forma Build); User: Oubliette There are claims stating that Trinity is the best tank in the game due to her invulnerability but the truth of the matter is, she turns the entire team into deities. The objective is to keep blessing up and to stay alive between casts.

    Blessing and required/suggested mods:

    Blessing completely heals and restores shields to the entire team no matter how far away they are. At the same time, the team becomes immune to ALL damage for the duration. You will want to equip the Aura Helmet, Constitution, Continuity, and Narrow Minded to maximize power duration (+182% duration but -66% power range) and Fleeting Expertise (rank 4) and Streamline for power efficiency (+70% efficiency but -40% du…

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