• Sterma albatros

    The Vacuum Within

    October 6, 2016 by Sterma albatros

    So, it's finally here. The first update since I started Warframe where I genuinely feel as though DE made a mistake. The Vacuum Within is, in my view, an ill-thought bandaid to a genuine player issue.

    The problem arose because the majority of players used Carrier and its 12m Vacuum exclusively. Other than a few difficult missions (where I use DethCube with Sweeper) I have only ever used Carrier because Vacuum is so immensely useful and because otherwise I would have to choose between missing out on drops or slowing down my gameplay and staring at the floor. It's not a matter of 'git gud' or 'being a casual' as people on the forums seem to imply - I just don't like the pace of the game for me when I don't have carrier equipped.

    DE had several…

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