• SubiBrown

    So I'm sure somewhere on this site or somewhere on the forums on the official site, someone, probably more, has mentioned what I'm going to list off, but I just thought of these and I wanted to list them off here.

    -When you aim your reticle at another player, you should be able to see the level of their frame like how you can see the level of an enemy. This would help players judge how well this frame can do against long survival/defense missions. Obviously the skill of the player can't be measured but their skill can only protect their frame for so long.

    -Make Ash's invisibility last longer. I know this might make him op but I'm tired of always using Loki when I want to stealth for a long time.

    -In the arsenal menu, show how long it takes fo…

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  • SubiBrown

    So I just had this idea, since I'm tired of the dojo basically being a giant research lab with other things to do. I want to be able to do more with the dojo other than run an Obstacle course and duel.

    But onto my actual topic, I would like a room where you can test out new weapons, warframes, test out mod loadouts, new, old, or modified. I'm tired of having to go into actual missions to test how my gun plays out and only be able to exit until I complete the mission. I know I can just leave the mission whenever I want but I'd rather mess around for a minute or two and go back to the "drawing board".

    This room would look like the room where you go for your first few mastery tests, except without Stonehenge in the middle. The room would also h…

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