So I'm sure somewhere on this site or somewhere on the forums on the official site, someone, probably more, has mentioned what I'm going to list off, but I just thought of these and I wanted to list them off here.

-When you aim your reticle at another player, you should be able to see the level of their frame like how you can see the level of an enemy. This would help players judge how well this frame can do against long survival/defense missions. Obviously the skill of the player can't be measured but their skill can only protect their frame for so long.

-Make Ash's invisibility last longer. I know this might make him op but I'm tired of always using Loki when I want to stealth for a long time.

-In the arsenal menu, show how long it takes for a power to be cast. Example, Trinity's Blessing. I would have liked to know using it means I'm stuck in one place for 3 seconds. I know Natural Talent fixes that but it's difficult to get and I would rather use that mod slot for something else. This is just to get an idea on time so you can prepare yourself before using an ability.

-Maybe an auto-login feature? I know it's to protect privacy and people's accounts but for people who play on desktops, it just feels redundant to type in a password every time no matter who quick it can be.

Again, these are just my ideas, people have probably already thought of these before. I will add more as I think of them. What do you guys think? What would you remove, change, or add?

P.s. (Personal note, more about me than the game and devs) All readers should note that my ideas are somewhat amibitous and hopeful. You can tell from this post and from my other post. I know this game is in open beta with bugs here and there. I know that DE is working very hard to give the players what they want, while making a living off of it, and that they have lots of plans for this game in the future. I never intend to come off as rude or whiny but I know I can seem that way at times. Again, I'm just being hopeful and I'm trying to add my input to the community. Thanks for reading this.

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