So I just had this idea, since I'm tired of the dojo basically being a giant research lab with other things to do. I want to be able to do more with the dojo other than run an Obstacle course and duel.

But onto my actual topic, I would like a room where you can test out new weapons, warframes, test out mod loadouts, new, old, or modified. I'm tired of having to go into actual missions to test how my gun plays out and only be able to exit until I complete the mission. I know I can just leave the mission whenever I want but I'd rather mess around for a minute or two and go back to the "drawing board".

This room would look like the room where you go for your first few mastery tests, except without Stonehenge in the middle. The room would also have a control console right next to the door; from here you can spawn in any number of enemies, obviously there would be a limit, you can control what faction you want, what level they are, and how aggressive they are to you. Maybe you can be able to place blocks of different sizes and heights so you can make your own obstacle course if you quickly wanna test out a Warframe's mobility, without having to go to the Obstacle Course without having to spend a full 3 minutes in there, because you probably won't need a full 3 minutes to get a feel for how a Warframe moves and feels.

You could also bring in a couple friends and simulate how your Warframe/loadout works with your team members and from there you can change accordingly.

Obviously, this room can be used for more than just testing out your loadout. You can probably think of your own mission types or whatever or even make your mini games.

Obviously this is just an idea, what do you guys think? What would you want to see in a room like this? What would you want to change, remove, or add?

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