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    April 4, 2017 by Sunofthebeach25

    As the title of my blog said, this is a blog on Rivens, and statistics, everything you need to know on the numbers of riven, your luck in getting a riven that you want, and most importantly, this blog is made to make you feel extra good when you got a god-tier riven.

    Alrighty, first of all, Rivens are purple mods that costs alot of capacity points - 18 at max rank, that have randomized stats, ranging from extremely shitty stats like + 100% Zoom or extra Projectile Speed on a Hitscan weapon (That's just sad), to extremely godly stats such as extra raw damage, Multishot, etc... that people would give you a succ for. For more information, visit this page.

    Time to tackle the basic information: Okay, as we all know, Rivens have 24 positive stats …

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