Okay so yesterday when spamming Grineer defense (the circle map if people dont know) I always got people who would follow another one to a location where there were maybe 5 Grineers. Now that would be aight if it was at a high lvl or it had a few heavies in that group. But people who does this on early lvls, no heavies and there are grineers around the map targeting the core, should take a moment to think about if thats rly effective. I HATE when people does that instead of spreading out the map taking every 2 doors or so. I dont need help with a group on a balcony! And if I did need help on wave 10-, I shouldnt be in that defense!. So if anyone of you "tail" people read this, STOP following and go do something beneficial for the team. Thx <3 C('-'C)

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