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Following on from my previous post on synergy between various warframe abilities, I was also inspired by some of the commenters to think of some synergies between certain warframes and weapons, ways that particular waframes and their abilities can bring extra utility and/or damage to certain weapons. As mentioned in the previous post, these combinations are not necessarily endgame, they are just some thoughts and ideas. I welcome others to post their own ideas in the comments below and/or ways to improve on my ideas. I also apologise if I didnt include your favourite frame or weapon, some frames and their abilities just dont seem to affect whatever weapons are brought, but I could have easily overlooked something. Let's get straight into it

Mag: Viral Amprex/Phage and Miter/Kohm/Kohmak/Hek/Pyrana/Glaive

As everyone knows, Mag's 2nd ability Shield Polorize has the ability to take down all enemies shields within the radius and doing blast damage from their shields strength and at the same time restoring all warframe shields within the radius. This is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful abilities in the game. As soon as the ability is cast, Mag can use Amprex with a viral build or Phage (innate viral damage) to target all enemies that survived the casting of Shield Polorize. Because their shields are down, any proc of viral will half their health immediately, and with a status build on either of these weapons you will be able to proc it frequently, bringing down all leftover enemies very quickly. This is only effective against corpus.

The second group of weapons can be effective in conjunction with her Bullet Attractor ability. Kohm/Kohmak/Hek/Pyrana all have very high pellet counts, having large range on your Bullet Attractor and firing these weapons at it means all of that multishot can be brought to bear on one target, dealing very high damage. Glaive and Miter are both bladed weapons, these will also be effective as Bullet Attractor will attract the blades to hit the target multiple times rather than just once.

Ember: Ignis/Atomos/Fire proc melee

Embers second ability, Accelerant, can be cast to prime all enemies within the cast radius to take extra heat damage. With normal power strength, enemies will take 250% extra damage from fire, with full power strength this can be increased to 710% extra damage. Modding an Ignis, Atomos (they both have innate fire damage) and any slash damage melee weapon with innate fire damage allows you to do incredible ammounts of damage to infested targets. This is also effective against other factions, however is most effective against infested.

Nekros: Pyrana/Dakra Prime

Pyrana has the highest pellet count of any secondary weapon, and is also able to cut up corpses into smaller pieces. Dakra prime also seems to cut up corpses into more pieces than other melee weapons I have tested, however there could be others I haven't tried that have a similar effect. These two weapons allow you to get more from the Desecrate skill and can be very helpful on survival missions.

Nova: Opticor/(Synoid) Gammacor

With their pinpoint accuracy and extremely high damage, Opticor and Gammacor are "Optimal" for Novas Antimatter Drop ability. Casting Antimatter Drop at a large group of enemies and getting just one shot (or one held shot for a few seconds) with a maxed Opticor or Gammacor will be enough to destroy most enemies in one go, especially if those enemies are primed.

Excalibur: Skana/Skana Prime/Prisma Skana


Loki: Castanas/Angstrum

There is no denying that Loki is a melee frame, no matte what melee weapon you give him he is going to do good damge with it. The reason I have not included any melee weapons here is that it is user preference. Due to the fact he can disarm enemies and be invisible, Loki is very difficult to kill if played well. The one problem he often faces is nullifiers. Using castanas or angstrum, Loki is able to take out nullifiers safely from a distance. A good primary weapon will also work just as well, but nullifiers are often bullet sponges.

Volt: Amprex, Synapse, Dread, Soma

Any primary or secondary weapon fired through Volts shield will add extra electricity to its attack and also increase its critical damage multiplier by X2. Amprex Synapse and Dread all have the ability to crit on every shot, allowing them to take great advantage of this ability. I have also inclued Soma due to it's exceptionally high crit multiplier. Modding these weapons for corrosive, magnetic or radiation will also give you extra benefits, as the extra electricty from the shield will combine with these elements to increase their damage.

Vauban: Torid/Embolist/Castanas/Rocket Launcher Weapons

Most people who use Vauban already know that these weapons are optimal for dealing damage to enemies sucked in by vortex. Torid leaves a cloud that deals damage to enemies over time. Embolist has very high dps but a very limited range making it suitable for killing enemies in the vortex. Castanas can deal high damage to condensed groups of enemies. Rocket launcher weapons (Penta, Ogris, Angstrum, Tonkor etc) will also deal high damage to these captured enemies.

Banshee: Vectis/Dread  Mara Detron  Glaive

Vectis and Dread are two of the highest damage dealing accurate primaries in the game and can take huge advantage of Banshee's sonar ability. With the right build Mara Detron can also get very high damage and it's spread of bullets increases the likelyhood of hitting the sonar spot. A thrown glaive is also capable of hitting sonar spots, other melee weapons also can but they can not be aimed as accurately as a thrown glavie can.

Nyx: Castanas

I'm sure people have noticed this is a tip that is given by the devs in the loading screen occasionaly. If Nyx drops castanas and activates absorb then detonates those castanas, she can give herself "absorb."

Hydroid: Sybaris, Vasto, Nami Solo


Mirage: Thunderbolt Attica/Amprex/Phage  Whips/Glaive

To be honest, every single weapon in the game is better with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors ability, however I want to point out these particular weapons. The Attica with the thunderbolt mod equipped by mirage is able to deal a lot of CC to enemies by knocking them down. Against low level enemies it is extremely powerful, however because when thunderbolt procs it only does 250 damage, for high tier missions this will drop off very quickly. Mirage is able to take advantage of Amprex by killing enemies more quickly and thereby saving ammo. The phage is also a fantastic choice, as there will be a total of 35 beams (if Hell's chamber is equipped) and, from a good vantage point, can carpet an area with high damage (very effective for infested defense). Whips with their long range are also a good choice for Mirage, as their range will be more or less doubled by the four extra holograms. The glaive can also be very effective, if thrown it will explode when you channel. With five glaives at once, this causes an even bigger explosion.

I will stop here for now. I welcome comments below on these various combinations and am particularly interested to see the ideas of others. These ideas are not game changing and are by no means the best way to play these frames or weapons, they are just some ideas I wanted to share with the community. Please post your own ideas below

- Suzuki Swift

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